One Color for One Model


Each model of DOPPELGANGER bicycles basically has no color variations. We know it is commercially better to have a variety of colors for one model, but we dare not to do so. The reason is that we believe the frame-type and the color should to be designed as one under the given concept. We do not want to produce our variety with no certain concept. The concept comes first of all and its style and color obey. Appropriate parts with colors are to be selected afterwards. We of course make no compromise color selection even for small parts such as quick-release levers, brake calipers and hubs.

Function: Maximum.Component: Minimum.


As producing bicycles, there are many necessary parts, like handle-bars, cranks, derailleurs and brakes.It means a bicycle is ensemble of many parts. How to express its concept if their all parts are set? We quite simply concentrate on that point.
It’s common to be judged bicycles by model numbers and the specifications on the catalog, for instance, “component made by xxx company,” “what models’/which speeds of derailleurs are equipped.”
However, we re-think. These specifications are what we really need or not. They are just the specifications that compete with other bicycles with the point of labels, and ignore what customers really need.
“DOPPELGANGER(R)102 primitivoⅡ”made by those antithesis and our suggestions.

We have already mentioned, as it is bicycle, bicycles need minimum parts for they are existing as bicycles. We believe component doesn’t decide bicycles, bicycles themselves decide components. This is our basic idea for producing bicycle, and we design the bicycle that parts fit the bicycles.
Of course, not only design, we also pursue for basic performance as bicycle. We take its weight heavy on “man-machine

“DOPPELGANGER”is “alter ego”.


German word“DOPPELGANGER”is same meaning of English word for alter ego.
The goods which are possessed by someone express the character of the owner.
If you have something that others don’t have, it expresses your character which is something different from others’. And if you have something trendy, it expresses that you are fashion-conscious. It will come through without realizing.
Also DOPPELGANGER hopes to be alter ego of the rider’s character. That is why they are simple but have enough individuality that others don’t have.
Unlike BMX or rode bikes which exist everywhere and have flashy colors and graphics so that you cannot ride with casual close, DOPPELGANGER bicycles will flatter not only themselves but also their owners.
DOPPELGANGER(R)102 have totally new

Persistence to adopt the lightweight parts, and a feeling of operation.


DOPPELGANEGR is not only for the sales purpose, but also pursue basic performance as bicycle with adopting alloy on not only frame, but also seat post, handle-stem and other small parts.
These light weight parts make operational feeling by decreasing of inertial weight when we control handles, high stability by under slung structure, and they are highly affected to ride quality.

The crank is also aluminum but it is required high intensity so we adopted aluminum by forging-process.
Of course these are costly parts, however, “we judged they are necessary after deep consideration,” that’s why we adopt them. The merit of “lightweight” has many aspects like less up thrust and comfortable ride quality, easy to start pedaling, smooth cornering, less fatigue with long time driving, and so on.

Furthermore, the seat post attachment type wire lock which can be stored stylishly, and the bicolor aluminum LED front light (DL-03) which have 9 cannons high-intensity white LED is attached as standard equipment (It is possible to wear a mudguard as an option) — everyday use is also considered.